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Degree Show



Degree Show Chelsea College of Art and Design 2014

“What is applying yourself and how do I do it?”

Digital print on silk and denim outfit with patches. About work, creativity and the angst of coming up with the next great idea.

Photos by Joe Horner
















What is applying yourself and how do I do it?

Cornelia Blom


In Amsterdam

Doing flowers for The Blogcademy in Amsterdam this weekend!

Back in Stockholm








Looks like I’m staying for a while. Eager to get back to work now that graduation is over. I have a few things lined up but get in touch if you want to do something! studio@corneliablom.com


Interview with Girlgang

cornelia_blomFull interview (in Swedish) here (:

degree show sneak peak

A mini sneak of my degree show work. More pics soon!

Neptune Moon

Neptune Moon is finally out to be watched online! I co-produced and did the styling. Swedish site PSL about the film plus some behind the scenes footage. Enjoy!

flowers of tottenham

shades of white

Styling for Mathilda Nilsson




















Styling for the second act of Mathilda Nilssons collection Decotion

Photogophy by Fredrik Andersson Andersson and Luka Karssenberg



Two recent images I styled for Vulkano. Top one shot by Duo Blau and the right one by Lo Vahlström. Make up in both by Agnes Gustafsson-Lund

Sarah Roberts, this is already my favourite piece

Sarah Roberts, this is already my favourite pieceBeautiful packaged goods by Sarah Roberts at Chelsea College of Art. Degree show opens on June 13!

Vulkano US album release

cornelia blom vulkano


Vulkano is releasing their album in the US! You can pre-order here. If you’re in LA make sure to follow them on Facebook, they’re doing lot’s of gigs there the next couple of months.

Furthermore, I can’t get over this picture of Vulkano. The hand on the head is genius.

Photo Lo Vahlstöm, styling Cornelia Blom, make-up Agnes Gustafsson-Lund.


Frukt och Fukt Mode med Mathilda Nilsson




Finally it’s time to talk fashion on the podcast! I’ve been going on and on about Mathilda on the blog already, but in case you’ve missed it she’s a fashion designer and she just showed her graduation collection, which I helped style. In the episode we talk favourite collections, unintentional fashion and music that are like clothes. Enjoy!

recent insta 2




New necklace from Zara, decorations for the Neptune Moon première and pyjama dressing.



Frukt och Fukt med Cissi Efraimsson


Cissi Efraimsson is not only one of my oldest and dearest friends but also one of my favourite musicians. On this episode of Frukt och Fukt we talk music, tour anecdotes and the best sounds. In Swedish per usual.

Fruk och Fukt med gäst Channa Bianca



Another friday another podcast! This time with fellow artist Channa Bianca, recorded in the safety of her south London home. In Swedish!